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April, 2019

Dan Sutherland 9.44# World Record Giant Tomato; Interview

March, 2019

Lighting; Josiah Brandt

Greenhouses 101; Josiah Brandt

February, 2019

OVGPG January Newsletter; Alan Gibson

Advanced Spray/Drench 2019 (p.1)
Spray/Drench Update; (p.2)

Basic Spray Program 2019

Chemical Rates 2019 Pumpkin

Chemical Order Form 2019

December, 2018

Karl Haist - 2018 OVGPG Champion (2416.5#); Alan Gibson (p.1-2)
Giant Pumpkin Plant Analysis Reports; Western Laboratories, Inc. (p.3-7)

Steve Daletas and His 2469 Q&A

Steve Geddes The 2528 Interview

How I grew a 2255 lb Giant Pumpkin, indoors, in ALBERTA.;
      Eddy Zachkowzki

Useful Conversions And Tables; Western Laboratories, Inc. (p.1)
Pumpkin Testing; Western Laboratories, Inc. (p.2-18)

April, 2018

2016 Guide to Ornamental Fungicides;
      Chase Agricultural Consulting, LLC (2 pg.)

The Atlantic Giant 2016 Elite Gene Pool;
      Al Eaton (1 pg.)

March, 2018

Foliar Vine Crop Diseases and Their Management;
      Dr. Sally Miller (s.1-55)

Soilborne Diseases of Vine Crops and Their Management;
      Dr. Sally Miller (s.1-51)

Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Management of Soilborne Diseases;
      Anna L. Testen & Dr. Sally Miller (p.1-3)

Hot Water and Chlorine Treatment of Vegetable Seeds...;
      Dr. Sally Miller & Melanie L. Lewis Ivey (p.1-5)

January, 2018

Managing Bacterial Diseases of Vine Crops;
      Downy Mildew, Dr. Sally Miller (OARDC) (p.1-5)
2017 Season - Dream Year (2118 Squash); Joe Jutras (p.6-7)
How I Grew The 2363# Pumpkin; Joel Holland(p.8-9)

November, 2017

Monitoring for Squash Vine Borer; George Hamilton (p.1-2)
Cucurbit Yellow Vine Decline; Matt Debacco & Steve Connolly (SNGPG) (p.2-4)
Got Gourd; SNGPG (p.5)
Macronutrients; SNGPG (p.6)
Bushel Gourds; Doug English (SNGPG) (p.7)
Giant Bushel Gourds; Gene Lariviere (SNGPG) (p.8)

March, 2017

The Atlantic Giant 2016 Elite Gene Pool; Alan Eaton (p.1)
Growing the 1921; Cecil Weston (p.2-13)
2017 GPG Early Order Form; Parks Garden Center (p.15-16)
Enjoy the Journey; Tim Parks (p.17)
How Long Did It Take to Grow the 2058.5# Pumpkin?;
     Alan Gibson (p.18-19)
Growing the 2624.6# World Record Pumpkin; Mathias Willemijns (p.20-21)
2016 Growing Season Review; Ron & Pap Wallace (p.22-23)

March, 2016

Soil Amendment Worksheet; (p.1-4)
Soil Testing & Recommended Nutrient Application; (p.7-33)

March, 2016

Growing the 2230.5; Ron and Pap Wallace (p.1-2)
A 2015 Long Gourd Story; Al Eaton (p.3-4)
Growing The 6.83 LB. PA. State Record Tomato; Paul & Cheryl Fulk (p.5)
Quinn Werner; Great Pumpkin Commonwealth - Hall of Fame (p.6)
Field Pumpkin Ancestors 2015; Al Eaton (p.7)

March, 2015

Growing a Giant (Bill Neptune); John Howley | Country Living Magazine (p.1)
Growing the 2008# Ohio Record Pumpkin; Bill Neptune (p.2)
Growing the 1714# and 1718# Pumpkins; Cecil and Teresa Weston (p.3-5)
8.41 Pound World Record Tomato; Dan MacCoy (p.6)
The Year of the 1964; Bob Liggett (p.7-8)
Beni Meier - World Record...; Alan Gibson & Steve Connolly (p.9-10)
Matt Brungard - 2014 OVGPG Champion (1951#); Alan Gibson (p.11-12)
Biopesticides for Managing Plant...; Margaret Tutle McGrath (p.13-16)

January, 2015

The Record Breaking 1980's; Alan Nesbitt | SNGPG (p.1-2)
Ohio's Bob Fox - 1960's; Ted Walls | Akron Beacon Journal (p.3-5)
Changing pH in SOIL; Steve Connolly | SNGPG (p.6)
GOT PEAT!; Steve Connolly | SNGPG (p.7)
How I Grew the World Record 1578...; Scott Holub | SNGPG (p.8)
Pete and Condi Glasier. How they...; Steve Connolly | SNGPG (p.9)
The Species of the...; Thomas Andres | New York Botanical Gardens (p.10-11)
Perlite Plant Guide; The Perlite Institute, Inc. (p.12-13)

February, 2014

Best Success Story; Ron Wallace | Growth Products (p.1-2)
Paul and Cheryl Fulk - 2013 OVGPG Champions; Alan Gibson (p.3-4)
The Micro Nutrients; Matt DeBacco (p.5)
Biofumigation and Mustard; Mighty Mustard Corp. (p.6)
Canfield Fair Pumpkin Show; Alan Gibson (p.7-11)
Big 'Mater's; SNGPG (p.12)
Helpful Hints for new Growers; SNGPG (p.13)
The Beni Meier 2328 dmg Interview; Steve Connolly (p.14)
Pumpkin Seeds—a Precious Cargo; DeBacco, Wallace and Connolly (p.15)
6.88 Lb Giant Tomato by Fabrice Boudyo in France; SNGPG (p.16)
1985 POUNDS! Grown by Gary Miller; Steve Connolly (p.17)
Tim Mathison Grows a WR2032!; Steve Connolly (p.18)

December, 2013

Atlantic Giants 2013--The Continuing Saga; Al Eaton (p.1-2)

March, 2013

Efficacy of Microbial Biopesticides...; eXtension (p.1-6)

Guide to Ornamental Fungicides; Chase Horticultural Research (img.1)

November, 2012

Field Pumpkins - The Growing Hobby; Al Eaton (p.1)

All Time Seeds - 2012; OVGPG (p.1-4)
How Dave Stelts Grew The 1807.5"; SNGPG (p.5-7)
The Best Mother AGs of 2012; Al Eaton (p.8)

October, 2012

The SNGPG asks....What is Humus or Humic Acid; SNGPG (p.1)
Soil Study of Atlantic Giant Pumpkins; Don Chambers (p.2-3)
Mycorrhizal Fungi Dormancy; Bryan Langley (p.4)
Mosaic Virus; Matthew DeBacco (p.5)
Inducing Magnesium Deficiencies; Bryan Langley (p.6)
Aphid; Steve Connolly (p.7)
Soil in the Patch; Don Chambers (p.8)

Giant Pumpkin Growing Basics; Joe Ailts (p.1-2)

Fate of Ammonium and Potassium in Saline Soils;
John Taberna, Western Laboratories (p.1-12)

February, 2012

2012 Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation Chart; Andy Wolf (p.1)
Over-the-Top Inches vs. Estimated Weight; Andy Wolf (p.2)

Giant Sunflower Planting Tips; Dave Rumancik

December, 2011

"Smithsonian Magazine" October, 2011; (p.1-8)

Tim Parks "World Class Giant Pumpkin Grower"; Alan Gibson (p.1-3)
Chris Stevens "The 1810.5# WR Pumpkin"; Dave Rumancik (p.4-6)

All Time Seeds "Where the Mother and Father…"; OVGPG (p.1-6)

March, 2011

Understanding Plants: Part 3; Lynn Griffith Jr. (p.1-2)
Phosphites in the Patch; Russ Landry, GVGO Science News (p.3)
A Growers Life: skills to grow a big one; Russ Landry (p.4-7)
2008 Stellflug OTT Chart; Russ Landry (p.8)

February, 2011

252 Neptune Watermelon; Bill Neptune (p.1-2)
2010 AG Gene Pool; Al Eaton (p.3)
A River of Genes; Al Eaton (p.4)
All Time Seeds "Where the Mother and Father…"; OVGPG (p.5-8)
Understanding Plants: Part 1; Lynn Griffith Jr. (p.9-10)
Understanding Plants: Part 2; Lynn Griffith Jr. (p.11-12)
Looking back 5 years; Al Eaton (p.13)

Dr. Robert Linderman  2010

Mycorrhizae Effects on Production of Giant Pumpkins
Effects of Fungicides on Mycorrhizal Fungi
The Mycorrhizophere Phenomenon

March, 2010

Chemical Program; Tim Parks & Alan Gibson (p.1)
OVGPG Spray-Drench Program (2010), Alan Gibson (p.2)

June, 2009

Blowing the Froth off Mr. Foamy; Ron Wallace (p.1-2)

February, 2009 (3)

Quinn Werner "GPC Grower of the Year"; Alan Gibson (p.1-3)
Bill Edwards, Watermelon (267#); Bill Edwards (p.4-5)
Irrigation Suggestions for Raising Giant Pumpkins; Dan Kamburoff (p.6-7)

February, 2009 (2)

Tomato, Ohio Record (7.18#); OVGPG (p.1)
Connecticut Field Pumpkin, World Record (154.5#); OVGPG (p.1)
Dr. Bob Liggett's 1636 Report; Bob Liggett (p.2)
Dave & Carol Stelts (1662.5#); Alan Gibson (p.3-4)

February, 2009

Christy Harp World Record Pumpkin Grower; Alan Gibson (p.1-4)

December, 2008

Improving Soil Health to Reduce Soil Borne Diseases; Dr. Sally Miller (p.1)

February, 2006

Jerry Rose, World Class Giant Pumpkin Grower; Alan Gibson (p.1-2)
Is the MAMMOTH Really Extinct?; Steve Connolly (p.3-4)

Misc.  2008—2010

Adequate Nutrient Levels for Growing Giant Pumpkins; Western Labs
How we Grew the Green Monster; John Vincent
Hungry Weeds; Larry Reichenberger
Aphids; Jack LaRue

Southern New England Giant Pumpkin Growers  2006—2010

Soil Drainage; Ron Wallace
Tissue Testing; Ron Wallace
World Record Long Gourd; Joe Jutras
Organic Gardening and Giant Pumpkins; Matt DeBacco
Leaf Compost; Ron Wallace
Soil Analysis; Jutras, Young & Ron Wallace
Don 1662 Young; Don Young
How the 1689 Happened; Joe Jutras

Dr. Olaf Ribeiro  2005

Soil Disease Report
Nutrient Interactions
Effect of Organic Ammendments on Plant Pathogens
Effect of Plant Fertilizers on Plant Disease
Symptoms & Control of Pumpkin Disease

Alan Gibson Articles  2001—2003

Fred Calai
Soil Fumigation with Basamid
Bill Fornof - Growing Pumpkins in Sand

Soil Ammendments  January, 2001

Gypsum; (spec sheet)
Dolomitic Limestone; (spec sheet)
Calcium Limestone; (spec sheet)
Liming Material Conversion Table
Magnesium Conversion Table
Soil Acidification: How to Lower Soil pt.1; Ohio State

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