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5-8pm (Friday)

Early unloading –registration (guard on duty all night)



7-9am (Saturday)

Unloading and registration


Judging and organization




Media- Visit- Group Pictures




Exhibits released- Have a safe trip home!


  1. OVGPG dues ($25. US Funds) must be paid in full to enter. Open to the world.
  2. One entry per person per class (2 per family per class). One cash prize per family per class. 2nd entry will receive the appropriate plaque/ rosette for the placing but money will be passed down one notch. Child over 18 who resides with parents and grows own entries will be considered a separate family.
  3. All pumpkins/ squash will be weighed in the same class. The grower can enter 2 fruit in this category but eligible for the “Howard Dill” award (true pumpkin) and/ or “True Green Squash” award on the 2nd fruit. GPC guidelines to apply on questions of color.
  4. Judged by weight alone (1/2 pound increments except muskmelon and tomato- 1/ 100th pound increments). Long gourds to the 1/8 inch.
  5. Prune vine to within 1” of stem.
  6. No foreign matter (includes wax, lemon pledge, grafting wax or fungicides).
  7. Must be in good sound condition. Entries must be free of rot, holes/ cracks through to the cavity, fungicide residue and serious soft spots. Disqualified entries may be weighed for “Exhibition only”.
  8. Must be grown by the exhibitor. Grower does not have to be present if health, age, etc. prohibits. Must be approved by the site coordinator (Tim Parks) ahead of show.
  9. Judges decisions are final.
  10. Ties will be combined and prize money split equally.
  11. Specimen cannot have been weighed at any other event.
  12. No frozen or preserved entries allowed.
  13. Parks Garden Center, the Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers and the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth will not be responsible for any injury or accident associated with the pumpkin weigh-off.

*Pumpkins and squash must be on standard 4 way pallets. When unloading, please move your truck immediately to the parking area before registration. Due to time limitations, no other vegetables or fruit will be measured or weighed.

DIRECTIONS: Parks Garden Center is 3 miles SW of Canfield, Ohio on State Route 62. Canfield is SW of Youngstown, Ohio. Phone: (330) 533-7278.